06. December 2016

Using meta-profiles with Chef Compliance

This article demonstrates InSpec’s meta profile functionality in combination with Chef Compliance. This feature enables you to write profile overlays and to reuse controls from existing profiles. This is a great way to manage deviations of out-of-the-box profiles shipped with Chef Compliance.


12. August 2016

ChefConf 2016 - Save Your Crash Dummies!

With infrastructure and application automation we have gained the tools to change systems in the blink of an eye. However, with increasing size, complexity, and time, these components will inevitably challenge your expectations. This uncertainty will ultimately slow you down. This talk will introduce the workflow to gain back trust.


19. June 2015

DevOps and Security

To ensure the security of your IT services, different disciplines need to come together. Development, operations and security departments need to work hand in hand in order to ship a secure product. Every department has its core competencies and it is a challenge to create a common view on the security implementation for a product.