19. June 2015

DevOps and Security

To ensure the security of your IT services, different disciplines need to come together. Development, operations and security departments need to work hand in hand in order to ship a secure product. Every department has its core competencies and it is a challenge to create a common view on the security implementation for a product.


01. June 2015

Try Kubernetes with Vagrant

To get familiar with kubernetes, it is always good to start with an example. This blog post will setup nginx running on kubernetes.


10. May 2015

Install Windows IoT on Raspberry Pi 2

Recently, Microsoft announced its Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview and it is very exiting to get an ARM version of Windows running on a small device. Microsoft did a great job to bring the operating system to smaller devices and I am looking forward to play more with their IoT solutions. Now, lets install Windows on Raspberry 2.