OpenStack CLI in Docker

Recently, I faced the issue, that I had some python modules for OpenStack had dependency issues with other python modules. In addition I use multiple machines with the OpenStack CLI and it is always a lot of effort to synchronize the software to the latest state. I could have used virtualenv, but I had issues with this setup, too. Therefore I decided to start implementing a Docker container.


The container handles all of the pain. It uses Ubuntu Trusty as a basis and uses their pre-packaged version of the OpenStack CLI tools. To get the cli installed, you need only Docker as precondition. On Mac I recommend using [Boot2Docker](). Now, everything is in place:

docker pull chrisrock/openstack-cli
docker run -it -v $(pwd)/config:/config chrisrock/openstack-cli /bin/bash
$ source /config/example.rc
$ nova list

I collect my .rc files in a separate config folder. By using $(pwd)/config, I have all my configs ready in my container. source /config/example.rc loads the config file. Finally all OpenStack CLI tools are at your hand.

Have fun.